Vidovina: your forest farmhouse retreat.



Welcome to Vidovina in the Apennine hills between Ravenna, Bologna and Florence. With its comfy rooms, massive studio, great location and essential services, this is a perfect place to retreat and recharge with a group of friends.

Built as a luxury farmhouse ('podere') in the 40's, we bought the place in 2010 and have been renovating until 2015, working with locally sourced materials and styles as much as possible. The result is a simple, comfortable home that looks and feels like it did when we first saw it: spacious, functional, sober and authentic. Expect no exquisite decorations or marble bathrooms here, it's a farmhouse. Its luxury lies in the abundance of privacy and space: great rooms, big terrace, huge loft and lots of nooks and crannies to discover. And a night sky you rarely see.





Due to its private location in nature, this place tends to bring out the primitive side in guests. Many guests come in full of plans to see the regional highlights, but in no time they find themselves gather some wood, build a fire, sigh in relief and stare at the world in the distance.

It’s this off-the-grid feeling that relaxes. To reconnect with your natural self, without the noise of smartphones, busy jobs or stress, is deeply relaxing. Sooner than later, you’ll start getting up when the sun rises, eat when you’re hungry and forget about time altogether.

The fresh air and absolute silence makes for deep sleeps at night and peaceful slumber during the day, and if you do this long enough, you’ll resurface relaxed and recharged, full of ideas and ready to rumble. This precisely why we bought the place and love it so much.