Vidovina: your forest farmhouse retreat.



Welcome to Vidovina in the Apennine hills between Ravenna, Bologna and Florence. With its comfy rooms, massive yoga studio and great location, this is a perfect place to retreat and recharge with a group of up to 20 people.

Built as a luxury farmhouse ('podere') in the 40's, we bought the place in 2010 and have been renovating until 2015, working with locally styles and materials as much as possible. The result is a simple, comfortable home that looks and feels like it did when we first saw it: spacious, functional, sober and authentic. Expect no exquisite decorations or marble bathrooms here, it's a farmhouse. Its luxury lies in the abundance of privacy and space: great rooms, big terrace, huge studio and lots of nooks and crannies to discover. And a night sky you rarely see.

Due to its private location in nature, this place tends to bring out the primitive side in guests. Many come in full of plans to see cultural highlights in the region, but soon they find themselves gather some wood, build a fire, sigh in relief and stare at the world in the distance.

This off-the-grid aspect, without the noise of smartphones, busy jobs or stress, allows you to (re)connect with yourself and others. Deeply relaxing. Before you know it, you’ll start to get up when the sun rises, have siestas and forget about time altogether.

The fresh air and absolute silence makes for deep sleeps at night and peaceful slumber during the day, and if you do this long enough, you’ll resurface relaxed and recharged, full of energy and ideas. This precisely why we love the place so much. 





Vidovina lies on top of a hill that gives you great vistas over the valley and nearby ridges. You'll see that the park which the farmhouse lies is situated within the larger Parco Regionale della Vena del Gesso Romagnola (Gypsum Vein Park), which is perfect for hiking,  mountain-biking and gypsum cave excursions. But even a short stroll through the woods or vineyards behind the house is great. There's probably a pheasant, deer or porcupine behind the next corner...

Two kilometers away lies Casola Valsenio, a small but nice farmer's village that doesn't see many tourists, despite its lively character, interesting culinary festivals and ancient herb garden. Main sites in the village are the Cardello house at the park entrance, the nearby Valsenio Church, both from the 11th century, and the cliff overlooking the Senio River on which the village is built. Casola's got some nice spots to walk/swim near the river, a big public swimming pool during summer a couple of truly stunning natural ponds a short drive away.

Closeby are the lovely towns of Palazzuolo Sul Senio, Riolo Terme and Borgo Tossignano, which are interesting towns to visit within a 15 km radius. A little further you'll find Imola, Faenza, Forli and Brisighella, all of which are beautiful towns with lots of history, culture, natural beauty, and that great Romagnolo food to taste. These places are great for half-day trips. Full-day trips to the cultural powerhouses of Bologna, Ravenna, Ferrara and Florence are easily organized, especially if you have your own transportation. 

That said, most people who planned to make all kinds of trips find these plans disappear once Vidovina's rhythm sets in...



Beds – 20
Bedrooms – 6
Bathrooms – 4
Living room –  28 m2
Kitchen – 20 m2
Studio – 80 m2




Washing machine